The ALGERIA ECO RACE will take place entirely in Algeria, a land of numerous historical, cultural, natural and human wealth.

The focus of the organizers has always been to relive the most beautiful years of off-road rallying, always in the footsteps of Thierry SABINE. It is therefore quite natural that the organizers of the AFRICA ECO RACE, decided to create the ALGERIA ECO RACE, for a true return to the origins, in a country that welcomed, for several years, the first editions of the Paris - Algiers - Dakar.

This rally, organized by enthusiasts, of whom some, such as Jean Louis SCHLESSER, no longer need introducing, will aim to preserve and perpetuate the spirit of the great off-road rallies: adventure, discovery, sportiness, conviviality, and mutual help.

No hotels but beautiful bivouacs, surrounded by amazing landscapes, in order to feel deeply the nature and the wide spaces that only the Grand Erg Occidental can offer.






Submitted on Fri, 05/19/2017 - 17:31